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Ajax Movers truly cares. Their attention and focus on moving my things made me feel secured about the safety of my things. I will use them again for sure. Good service!
Olivia, 40, Ajax

If I would have to do my move again, id still choose Ajax Movers. The movers were great and they took care of everything. Thanks!
Amelia, 38, Ajax

The employees of Ajax Movers were courteous, hard working and made a difficult day easier for me. They were very careful with the furniture and house and absolutely nothing was damaged. Thank you for your hard work and positive attitudes, I will definitely be using your services again!
Olga Petrova, 39, Ajax

It will be a while before I move again, so i would like to extend my gratitude to Ajax Movers who helped me all the way w/ my move.The move took 2.5 hours, and it was less than I expected. The guys were smart and hardworking plus they arrived 15 minutes early. My apartment was completely in place when they leave. THANK YOU!
Sophie, 30, Ajax

If you are moving in the GTA area, I would recommend AJAX MOVERS! They are proffesionals and they took care of my furniture. The last time I moved with my friend’s help, it took us 10 hours. I was kinda afraid booking but it wouldnt hesitate me now with these guys. Thanks!
cathy, 27, Ajax

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