Living Costs and Relocation Tips if You’re Moving to Ajax

family wears boxes on their heads
Ajax is a small town just outside of Toronto, and many people are moving there in search of cheaper housing and a slower pace of life than in the bigger city. As housing prices continue to increase in cities like Vancouver and Toronto, people find they can’t afford to live there much longer. As a result, they are looking at places like Ajax.

If you’re moving to Ajax soon, the chances are that you’re dreading the moving process itself. While relocating is always a stressful process, we have a couple of tips to ease your transition.

Cost of Living in Ajax

Ajax is a suburb of Toronto that has plenty of things to do, without necessitating going into the big city itself. There are several cycling and hiking trails around the area, as well as the local Durham shopping center where you can get your retail fix.
Contrary to its close neighbor Toronto, housing prices in Ajax remain relatively reasonable. The attractive prices are a big reason why Ajax the second-fasting growing town in the Grand Toronto Area. Rentals are affordable, with three-bedroom apartments costing an average of $1,375 per month. Some landlords will include utilities in the monthly bill, which may make it higher than the general average. If you’re looking to buy a home instead, you can expect to pay around $638,000 for a single-family home. Groceries and restaurants are generally cheaper than in the city, with plenty of high-quality restaurants serving up a wide variety of food. Unfortunately, a car is still the best way to get around in Ajax, though the Durham Region Transit system does offer public transportation between Ajax and Toronto. A monthly pass on the DRT is $115, or you can pay $1,380 for a year pass.

Moving Tips

Having a plan in place is the first step to ensuring that you have as smooth a move as possible. In addition to considering packing strategies, finding a reputable moving company that serves Ajax is a good idea. Using movers makes it that much less stressful when the time comes. Setting aside time before your move to tackle smaller administrative tasks is a smart way to avoid any surprises. Some of these errands include changing your address and giving your utility company a head’s up. It’s also not a bad idea to cancel any other subscriptions in advance.

Choosing the right moving company

A good moving company can make a huge difference in how comfortable a move is. Good companies are efficient, fast, and organized, which means your items are loaded and unloaded that much quicker, giving you more time to unpack and settle in.
The best way to find a moving company is to first narrow down your search to companies that have excellent reputations online. Look for those with good reviews over a broad timeframe, an indicator that their quality is consistent. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, you can get as many quotes as possible, until you find one that suits your budget and needs.

Plan Ahead

There are several things that you can do in advance that will make moving day easier. If possible, visit your new home in advance and clean the kitchen and bathroom, so that you can quickly unpack everything on the day of the move.
Try to schedule your move for a weekday or during the middle of the month, when movers are more affordable and are less likely to be stretched thin. Ensure that all the utilities and services that you need are enabled on the day of your move. There’s nothing worse than moving into a house to find that you don’t have electricity or hot water.
Pack an overnight bag with all your essentials. This way, you don’t need to unpack everything and search through boxes for your toothbrush. Also pack a box with the stuff you can’t live without, such as towels, mugs, and bedsheets and make sure that it’s loaded last on the truck and unloaded first.
Buy some high-energy snacks for moving day as you won’t have much time to sit down and eat a proper meal. Staying hydrated and fed will ensure that the day isn’t a complete emotional rollercoaster.
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