Moving Storage

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Ajax storage is a supplemental service that is exclusive to our clients. This top of the line facility is designed to service a vast variety of different storage needs. Whether you want to store you grandmother’s old piano, or you need a place to house old tractors, Ajax storage has the space you need to keep your items safe and secure.

Ajax Moving Company understands that the transition that customers make when moving often requires a lot of resource management. You might be moving from a house to a much smaller apartment, but you don’t want to throw away your father’s collection of comic books. Our facilities are designed so that you can store items that you can’t find a place for in your new living conditions.

Ajax storage also caters to the demand of large scale storage needs that are more necessary for commercial and business relocation. This can include any variety of different items that are rather not in current use, or are only used in certain scenarios. This includes:

    • unused and backup furniture
    • construction tools, equipment and vehicles
    • farm tools, machines and equipment
    • holiday decorations
    • seasonal inventory
    • backup office supplies
    • unused printers, fax machines, computers and communication devices

This exclusive storage service is there to lighten the burden of labor that our customers can experience during the moving process. Our moving teams not only move items for storage straight to our storage facilities with no hassle, but we can also package these items for you if you desire.

Ajax storage also lightens the potential load our customers have to carry as they make their relocation journey. Instead of needing to carry special case items like Christmas or Halloween decorations, you can store them at our facilities and have them available whenever you need them. This not only saves you the labor of moving these items, but also saves you space in your newly-acquired destination.

Ajax storage is offered with our same cost efficient mindset, offering very affordable prices to all our customers. Like all our services, all of our customers’ stored materials are covered and insured at no extra cost.

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