Local Moving

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Local moving services in Ajax specialize in projects centered around the entire Eastern Greater Toronto area. As with all of our services, our local movers are highly experienced and highly skilled moving specialists with years of experience in a variety of moving services.

Our local movers handle the services necessary to accomodate our customers that are moving and relocating throughout Ajax and the whole of the Durham Region. These relocation services extend into residential moving and home moving, as well as greater office relocation and industrial moving needs.

In addition to these specialized moving services, our local moving specialists process and handle any and all supplemental moving and storage necessities. Whether your moving to a new home and need our home packing services, or you are making a big office move and require our larger variety of packing services in Ajax, our local moving specialists will have you taken care of with expert attention to safety and precision. Ajax storage also provides exclusive storage for all our clients, regardless of the size of their move.

On top of the wide variety of services that our local movers provides, Ajax strives to ensure the easiest and most pressure-free relocation experiences for our customers. Movers always adhere to punctuality and timeliness, and complete the task with precision, safety and excellence.

As with our long distance moving service, our local moving teams are each led by a professional moving coordinator. These coordinators are there to ensure that you are properly guided, step-by-step, through the moving process. Whether you are planning a move with your spouse Downtown, or you are relocating your Central Offices in Carruthers Creek, our coordinators will be there with you from start to finish.

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