Industrial Moving

man on a fork lift

Ajax’s extensive moving background allows us to cater to a variety industrial moving and commercial moving needs. Our industrial moving teams specialize in a number of local and long distance moving services, giving our customers a near unlimited ranges of options to choose from.

Our industrial relocation services are facilitated by highly trained movers specially geared to perform the demands of large scale industrial relocation. These include not only the moving of industrial parcels, but the storage and packaging of these items while in transit.

Ajax industrial services cover local, regional, national, transcontinental, and overseas moving services for our clients. Regardless of the size, shape or quality of your items, our highly trained moving specialists will insure that your parcels arrive at their designated locations on time and undamaged.

Our extensive experience gives us a command over the various demands that commercial moves encompass. We are extremely experienced with handling both heavy and special-care items over short and long distance travels. This includes international transport of items not only in North America, but throughout various different regions of the globe.

It’s important that Ajax provides an industrial moving experience that not only handles all the details and needs of the move with care, precision, and efficiency, but that our clients are always informed and educated on each step of the process. Therefore, Ajax provides our clients with professional moving coordinators that guide our clients through each step of the moving process. Our coordinators sole responsibility is to make sure that you are up-to-date on every aspect of the move from start-to-finish.

With 8 years of experience, Ajax provides the personnel, tools, skills and experience you need to handle all of your commercial moving needs. Our industrial moving services come complete with insurance at no extra cost to our clients. Whether it be packaging, moving or storing your items, we ensure you the highest-quality moving experience in all of the Durham Region.

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